General information

Event Director: Carlos Garrido

Map – Urban of Figueira da Foz


Course setter – R

Printing Maps – Carlos Lisboa – RGB


Juveniles H/D – 2004 to 2007
Junior H/D – 2000 to 2003
Seniors H/D – 1981 to 1999
Veterans I H/D – 1966 to 1980
Veterans II H/D – 1956 to 1965
Veterans III H/D – 1946 to 1955
Veterans IV H/D – 1945 or before
Formation – 2008 or after

Open courses
Open Short – any age, gender, individually or in group
Open Medium – any age, gender, individually or in group
Open Long – any age, gender, individually or in group

  • Non-federated participants may choose competition levels but must do it individually.
    If you want to participate in a group, you must choose open classes (Open Short, Open Medium or Open Long).






• Parking:
• Hard floor and baths:
To be informed in due course
Only participants registered in the Orioasis platform will be accepted.
At the entrance of the school they must identify with the bib of the event.


We will have babysitting service in athe arenas on both days with the following rules:
– Registration for Babysitting in OriOasis is mandatory;
– Each child will receive a wristband that must be filled in by the person in charge of the child;
– The wristbands will have the start time of the person in charge, who can leave the child in the Babysitting 60 minutes before the start, and must pick up the child no later than 30 minutes after the arrival time

• There will be no bar service in the arena.

Prizes: Prizes for the top three in each category, including Open classes

Public transport:

Phone 914252591

Other informations:
Departures will not be allowed to athletes without an SI card (chip) or with different number from the registration, changes must be made in advance by the registration email or, on the day of the race, at the secretariat;
Possibility for baths and overnight in sleeping bag and mattress.
Competition Rules in force at the FPO;
Sport-Ident electronic system. If the SI station malfunctions, the existing reservations on the map should be perforated.

In case of any athlete not completing the course, he/she must report and download his/her SICard upon arrival;

First aid on arrival;

There will be no bar service in the arena.

Registrations are preferably made on the Orioasis platform of the Portuguese Orienteering Federation.

To register online, click HERE.

Applications by email are sent to

Data required to apply by email:

• Name (s) of participant (s);
• Date (s) of birth;
• Club name;
• FPO affiliate number (if not FPO affiliate, Personal ID-Card / Passport number);
• SI Card Number if you have one. If not, it will be loaned and assigned one. The loss or non-return of the rented SI Card implies the payment of 50€.
• Class of participation;
• Stages to participate (if you do not participate in all stages, mention which)


By bank transfer or in Secretariat.

Bank transfers must be made to the ADM – Ori Mondego account, whose IBAN is:
PT50 0035 0131 00005717430 30.

Note: If in doubt, you can contact the organization at